About US

We are the dynamic duo behind all the design and website wizardry. It’s just me, ZanZia, designing all the fun stuff like grapics and building the websites. And we’ve got Tim, the master of all things technical and business-related. We make a killer team, communicating non-stop. My love for digital design started when I began creating websites and logos for friends. They needed help, and I wanted to be their superhero. Seeing their smiles and hearing their rave reviews lit a fire in me. So, I thought, why not offer my services to the world and turn my passion into a rocking career? Starting a business scared me silly, but Tim jumped in to save the day. With my skills and toolbox full of magic, I’m here to create professional designs that’ll blow your socks off. Trust me, I live for this awesome work!

Our Team

ZanZia Dunn

Web Designer

Tim Letts

Business & Technical

Making Professional WebSites Easy And Afffordable

We specialize in creating custom-built websites that are strategically planned, user-friendly, easy to navigate, mobile ready, and optimized for search engines and performance. We begin by having our clients fill out a detailed questionnaire to understand their vision and business needs, allowing us to determine the best website design. Our websites are built using the WordPress platform, which powers one third of all websites on the internet, known for its user-friendliness, security, and SEO friendliness. WordPress allows full control over a website’s content through a back-end control panel. We pair WordPress with Elegant Themes, particularly DIVI themes, offering exceptional flexibility in creating unique wire-frame layouts tailored to your business. 

As part of our comprehensive service, we provide top-notch hosting on one of the internet’s leading platforms, SiteGround. If you choose this option, we will handle all aspects of your website hosting. We will assist you with transferring or registering your domain, provide security certification, ensure malware protection, keep plug ins and certificates up to date, and perform daily backups. Our fully-managed hosting service empowers you to focus on your core business, as we take care of all technical aspects and act as your interface with SiteGround. Our hosting package includes a range of services such as website storage space, a file manager, web security SSL certificate, site scanner with reports, speed tools,  caching and CDN server, and fast speeds.