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The fastest way to get started is just to give Tim a call at (904) 323-2220. He can go over most of the information on this page in Layman’s terms faster with a phone call and answer any additional questions you might have. For those who like all the little details, read on.

There are a few steps that will need to be performed before we can get your website up and running. These steps have been provided in the order they should be handled in order to make the journey as easy as possible. In addition to getting all the technical backend processes in place, designing a website also involves making a variety of decisions that shape its visual identity and user experience. I understand the significance of these decisions and their impact on users’ perceptions and experiences. You have the option to either leave these decisions completely in my hands or to be more specific about what you envision.

Step By Step Guide


If you do not already have one, obtain a domain name for your website. The domain name you choose should be unique, easy to remember, and relevant to your business. Use a domain name search tool to verify that your desired domain name is available. Choose a reputable domain registrar to purchase your domain name. Some popular registrars include GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains, Bluehost and SiteGround. Domain names are typically registered for a specific period, often one year, but you can choose to register them for multiple years. Remember that domain names are unique, so it’s essential to register your desired domain as soon as possible if it’s available. Additionally, make sure to keep up with your domain registration renewals to maintain ownership.

Step 2

Fill out our Website Design Form to the best of your ability and download or print a completed copy for your records. Design considerations are provided to assist you in making your design choices should you find yourself not exactly sure what you would like. Attach the completed form and any other required files requested to and email to I will send you an email confirmation upon receipt of your information. If I am able to begin work immediately, I will also send an invoice for the services requested. If not, I will inform you when I will be available. The  complexity of the website design and the amount of revision requested will determine how long each website will take to complete. On average  this is anywhere between two to five days.

Step 3

Payments are due in advance for our  website packages. Once we receive payment, we will promptly initiate the development of your website. As we prioritize fairness and delivering high-quality results to all clients, there may be a slight waiting period before we can commence work on your project. Feel free to call about availabilty. Upon completion of the initial draft, we will furnish you with a link to preview the website. Should you desire any changes, our packages encompass up to 3 revisions. Our utmost goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our valued clients with the final outcome.

Step 4

Once approved by you, we will begin the final stage of deploying the website live and viewable to the public. If you have chosen to host with us, we will take care of everything for you. If you have chosen to self-host with SiteGround, with just a little information from you, we will also take care of everything. If you have chosen to host with another provider, you will need to check if they offer website migration services. Some Host will do so free, others charge anywhere from $30 to $150 for the service. We will package up the website with a WordPress plugin called Duplicator and email the zip file directly to you. We will also retain a backup of your website should anything go wrong with the file transfer, however it will be up to you to upload it to your hosting platform in whichever manner you choose.

Visual Design Considerations

I prioritize key visual design considerations to enhance your brand experience. From selecting a harmonious color palette that evokes desired emotions to choosing legible fonts that match your brand’s tone, I ensure every detail caters to your vision. My dedication extends to selecting high-quality images and graphics that resonate with your audience, planning white space strategically for improved readability, and establishing a visual hierarchy that effortlessly guides users’ attention. With icons and symbols that promote enhanced user understanding and maintaining brand consistency through logo, colors, and fonts, I ensure a positive user-friendly experience. Trust me to deliver an engaging website that through deliberate design decisions  stays true to your brand.

Web Design Color Theory

Understanding the basics of color theory can help you create effective, smart designs. The most apparent advantage of using the right color combinations in web design is that they help users understand and navigate the site. Colors can improve visitors’ online experiences, enabling them to find the information they need and respond to your Call to Action (CTA). When used effectively in web design, it plays a significant role in branding and product messaging.

Passion, energy, urgency, and excitement. Red can also be used to draw attention.

Calmness, trust, professionalism, and stability. Darker blues can evoke a sense of depth and seriousness.

Nature, growth, freshness, and health. Green can be used to create a balanced and harmonious feel.

Optimism, warmth, and energy. Yellow can capture attention but should be used sparingly due to its brightness.

Creativity, enthusiasm, and vibrancy. Orange can create a sense of fun and playfulness.

Luxury, mystery, and spirituality. Lighter purples can feel romantic, while darker shades convey sophistication.

Natural, organic, rustic, and vintage. Brown can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Neutrality, professionalism, and balance. Gray can complement other colors well.

Elegance, power, and formality. Black is often used for luxury brands or to create contrast.

Purity, simplicity, and cleanliness. White is great for minimalistic and modern designs.

Effective Website Font Pairings

Font pairing is an art form that can greatly enhance the visual appeal and readability of your website. Prioritize readability by ensuring that your body font is easy to read, especially for longer blocks of text. Reserve decorative or script fonts for headers or accents. The right combination of fonts can convey your brand’s personality, improve user experience, and make your content stand out. However, it is best to stick to two or three fonts for a cohesive and clean design. Feel free to experiment and tailor font pairings to match your brand’s unique style and the specific tone you want to convey on your website. The key is to create a harmonious and readable design that engages your audience while reflecting your brand’s identity.

Here are some popular and aesthetically pleasing font pairings to consider:

Playfair Display


Times New Roman



Open Sans




Source Sans Pro



Here are some of my more unique font pairings to consider:



Zen Dots

Zen Maru Gothic