I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for friends and associates, showcasing my expertise in designing websites, creating logos, crafting custom graphics, and performing minor video editing tasks. The website you are viewing now was completely designed by me including the custom graphics. The entire process of creating and editing digital media has always been a source of immense enjoyment and passion for me. To provide you with an insight into my style and capabilities, I have included some additional samples of my work below.


Real Estate Website

904 Realty is a real estate company in Jacksonville, Florida. I have maintained and updated the website as needed since it’s creation. I have also developed a standard template to offer all of their realtors a free company web presence. The website features flipcards, scrolling testimonials, an idx plugin for property searches, team bio pop-ups, and contact forms. This website was a redesign the company’s previous website. The color scheme was based off the company logo. View Live Website

Tabletop RPG Game Website

Mythis was a website redesign. The prior website lacked that “wow” factor and the original designer was no where to be found to make any updates or changes as the owners dreams of completing his project continued to advance. I plan on doing more work on this site when the game developer is ready to advance further. View Live Website

Art Therapist Website

The Creative Arts Therapies Services website was developed from scratch for an art therapist residing in New Jersey. The Art Therapist desired to bring in new clients and to educate them about the mental conditions she is able to assist with. I also created the logo for this company with very specific input evisioned by the therapists. View Live Website

Police Department Website

The Groveton Police Department website was created from scratch. It incorporates images and information provided by Lt. Acly, to fulfill the needs of the Groveton Police Department located in Texas. This website serves as a vital platform for the department, catering to its community’s informational requirements and facilitating efficient resident report filing. View Live Website

Realtor Website

Tim Letts is a realtor with 904 Realty. He is known in realty circles by his name and social media interactions and therefore wanted his own personal page to direct clients to the 904 Realty website.  I designed his personal logo to be added to the excisting company logo. And yes, he is now helping me run my business as well. View Live Website

Broker/Realtor Website

Jackie Werner is the broker and owner of 904 Realty. She desired a website that better reflected her personal style. 904 Realty offers all of their realtors a templated personal site which is a scaled down version of the company website. I have also done some customization for their realtors that have requested it.  View Live Website

Logos & custom Graphics

Logos, icons, photo edits,  collages, & other custom graphics to fit your needs

I pride myself on my ability to create stunning graphics that bring any webpage to life. From eye-catching logos to captivating icons and other images, I have the expertise to make your website engaging, relevant, and visually appealing. Whether you’re a real estate company, or any other business looking to make a strong online presence, our professional website design and graphics services are here to help. The majority of the graphics on this website were custom made specifically for it. With a passion for digital media, I specialize in crafting custom graphics tailored to your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email, as we are here to assist you every step of the way. Below is a sample of just a few of the custom graphics I have designed.