Services & Pricing

We empathize with the frustration caused by web design companies that conceal their pricing information. The tedious consultations they subject you to, only to spring exorbitant costs on you, are a waste of time for all parties involved. Our philosophy revolves around respecting your time and advocating for transparent pricing. We believe in providing a thorough understanding of your investment upfront, leaving no room for unwelcome surprises. With ZanZia Design, you can confidently anticipate and achieve every aspect you envision for your website, without any hidden fees or unexpected setbacks. All of our pricing is clearly shown with detailed descriptions of what comes with each package or service.

Our Service Menu

Basic Website – $300

This package is ideal for a simple web presence. It covers up to 3 pages and allows you to pick from a wide selection of page layouts from Elegant Themes to base your customized website on.  You may choose your color scheme and font preferences or leave that decision up to the designer. You have the flexibility to use either your own images or the default stock images provided with your chosen layout. The content for your website will be written based on the information you provide. Even if writing isn’t your forte, there’s no need to worry as our AI technology can transform any text into polished, well-written copy.

Enhanced Website – $500

A step up from the basic package, suitable for those seeking additional content or wishing to feature a team or office of up to 10 members.  Perhaps you need a gallery or want to add video or moving elements to the website. These types of features are included in this package. Your customized website will include up to 6 pages. It can be designed in the style of an available page layout or you may have the website designed in the style of an existing site you really like. Again,you have the option to choose the color scheme and fonts, or let the designer make these decisions for you. The basic content for the website will be provided by you and enhanced with AI.


A comprehensive solution that provides flexibility with 10 pages to meet your business needs. This package includes the option to showcase your team members with their own personal bio pages and offers additional customization and graphics. We will provide images for you or use the ones you supply. We can enhance existing graphics and videos to better match the theme you desire. Do all of your team members have different sized photos with various backgrounds? No worries, we can make them look like a uniform set. The page layouts can be designed in whatever style you desire in addition to choosing your colors and fonts. If you are unsure of what you would like, you can always leave design choices in the hands of the designer. 

Logo & Icon Design – $40 per image

For a unique and personalized touch, we offer custom graphic design services. You’ll describe what you want the finished product to look like and I will create custom designs for you. I will design up to 3 versions for you so that you have the opportunity for revisions to achieve your desired look. The images will be sent to you in .png format with transparency that enables them to be used on any background. The images will be created in Hi Resolution of 300 dpi for sharpness and clarity and can be sent in any size you like.

Hosting Services – $150 anually

We offer hosting on the reliable SiteGround platform. Opt for our hosting services at an annual fee of $150. We will work with you to point your domain name to the new website, establish a security certification for https://, ensure that all plug-ins, themes and certificates remain up to date, and backup your website every day.  If you decide to self-host on SiteGround, we will transfer the site to your Siteground account for you. Hosting with SiteGround, through us or direct, enable us to easily make changes to your website in the future. Should you decide to self-host elsewhere, we will package your website for transfer.

 WEBSITE Maintence – $50 an hour

Website maintenance is not a one-time task; it’s an ongoing process that ensures your digital presence remains relevant and user-friendly. By investing time and effort into regular upkeep, you’re not only preserving your brand’s image but also creating a positive experience for your visitors. Provided you host with SiteGround, either though us or directly, we can handle your updates and changes seamlessly. Feel free to contact us for an estimate of how much time we think your changes will take. An invoice will be emailed after the work is completed at a minimum of one hour.